BRYAN’S Cleans Almost Everything:

Drapes, furniture, rugs, suede, sleeping bags, pillows renovated, gloves, wedding gowns cleaned/ preserved, blankets, bedding, leather, stuffed animals, down garments and down bedding, clothes, suits, pants, shirts, neckties, hats, sweaters, tuxedos, bed linens, coats, furniture, jackets, furs, etc. We also do drycleaning, laundry, wash and fold, reweave, alterations, free minor repairs, free buttons, water repel material and garments, environmentally safe wet cleaning, box or hanger packaging, garment storage in insect free vault, recycle center for hangers and poly-bags.


Business Wear

Since looking good is great for business, give your business wear the finest care.

Great looking business attire is an asset. How it performs is up to you. BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry ensures your fine suits, dresses, sport coats, neckties and shirts receive the care they need to look their best, and make you look your best, every day. Trust BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry — as many well-dressed professionals do — and start each day with a fresh, crisp edge.



Our Premium Shirt Service is a Custom Fit.

You know the difference an impeccably cleaned and pressed shirt can make. You’ve learned a tie looks its best on a well-pressed collar; that cuffs should be rounded and not creased. No matter how much you like to iron, trying to get the impeccable look of a professionally cleaned shirt at home is simply not worth the effort. At BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry, we do shirts the right way. Quality shirt service is our specialty because we know details makes a difference to you — from your preferred amount of starch, to button replacement, to your choice of packaging, you can count on your shirts to look and feel their best every time.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Preserving the delicate features of a fine wedding gown demands professional expertise. Since a bride’s wedding gown is undoubtedly the finest symbol of her new status as a wife, it deserves to be permanently protected and preserved with BRYAN’S Wedding Gown Treasure Chest !

We begin with gentle cleaning from the top of the head-piece to the tip of the train. We check and repair loose thread and ornaments. Then we place your gown in a beautiful, decorative, distinctive metallic gold box. This archival-quality box is hermetically sealed and permanently protected against moths, insects, mildew, dust, other elements, the effects of time itself and anything else which might possibly harm it.

Yet, you can always see the full bodice of your gown at any time you want. And, on the inside of the lid, there’s a frame for your wedding picture. You can always look at it, show it to friends or relatives; and as time goes by, to your children. To ensure your confidence, a written warranty is given with each BRYAN’S Wedding Gown Treasure Chest.

Have your memories safely tucked away…because some things are meant to last forever!

Hints and tips on care of Wedding Gowns can be found here.

Alterations and Repairs

Too big, too small, too tight, too long, too short? Let us handle it.

Whether it’s a repair you need or just “a slight adjustment,” you won’t find a better fit than our experienced tailors. We know clothing, and appreciate quality workmanship as much as you do. Our professional skills, materials and techniques make it right for you every timeā€¦and with the utmost convenience!



Fluff and Fold (Wash and Fold)

It’s your day off. How will you spend it?

Doing the laundry is your basic household chore. Too bad your job or other responsibilities leave you so little time to get it done. Let BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry handle your laundry workload-because we do laundry as well as we do drycleaning! It’ll come back clean and neatly folded, with a freshness you’ll appreciate everyday.


Leather and Suede

It’s Only Natural to Give Leather and Suede the Finest Care.

The suppleness of leather and rich texture of suede are a luxurious touch worth preserving. Yet caring for such garments is a delicate responsibility. You don’t want to ignore them, but you can’t confidently clean them yourself. Trust your leather and suede garments to the professional know-how of our experienced staff at BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry. You’ll be glad you did.

Trust your fine leathers and suedes to us!

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