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BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry has an exclusive partnership with Cynthia Hidalgo of Style Spoken Here — professional wardrobe consulting designed to help you attract more of what you want in your life.  BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry customers receive special pricing that’s only available here.

Cynthia Hidalgo, the Founder of Style Spoken Here, is a wardrobe consultant and image coach providing personal style consulting, closet cleaning, personal shopping, and outfit creation services.  Additionally, she offers full-service event and photo shoot styling.  She works with men and women, both in-person (local) and virtually (worldwide).

Cynthia established Style Spoken Here because she experienced positive life-changing shifts in her professional and personal life after updating her wardrobe to feel more aligned with her personality. Now, she wants to help others experience the same.

It has been scientifically proven through an experiment called Enclothed Cognition that clothes have a direct effect on how we conduct ourselves and how others perceive us. It is a fact that what we wear impacts our mood, confidence, and performance, while silently communicating to others about who we are.

Cynthia will help you:

  • Find the “right” clothes, suited to your personality and lifestyle
  • Clean out your closet, removing the clutter of clothes you don’t wear
  • Put together outfits and reclaim that precious time you spend every day figuring out what to wear
  • Curate a wardrobe that will stand the test of time and will not go out of style every season

Working with Cynthia, you will:

  • Experience a positive shift in your relationship with your body and clothes
  • Feel more confident and emboldened to pursue personal and professional goals
  • Want to be more visible in your in-person and online communities
  • Experience more freedom of personal expression

Who is Cynthia Hidalgo?

Cynthia is a native Angeleno with a love of adventure, the arts, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. She has worked in various industries ranging from fashion to architectural design/construction to commercial real estate. Throughout her 9-5 career, Cynthia’s entrepreneurial spirit tugged at her heartstrings and one day while she was grieving the death of her husband, she listened.

After not being able to get out of bed for many months, Cynthia decided that she would start getting up and dressed every day. Just the simple act of putting on fresh clothes in the morning motivated her to start living life again, little by little. She found herself socializing more and once again doing the things that made her happy.

Then one day while standing in her closet trying to find something to wear she realized that her wardrobe no longer suited her. She was surrounded by clothes bought for a life that felt foreign and undesirable. She started dreaming up a life that excited her. Piece by piece she replaced her old clothes with items that would support the new life she was pursuing.

Cyndi Hidalgo

The seemingly insignificant act of getting dressed every day inspired Cynthia to launch her business Style Spoken Here, helping professionals and entrepreneurs revolutionize their lives one piece of clothing at a time.


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Working with Cynthia was the best choice I could have made. Every step along the way was fun and intentional. It was a unique journey to define my style and really think through each piece of clothing and how it fit into the holistic view of my wardrobe and the style I wanted to present. This process has made getting dressed easier and exciting and has streamlined my wardrobe. Most importantly, I love getting dressed and feel confident in the way I’m presenting myself through my wardrobe. I have an extra pep in my high-heeled or sandaled steps. 🙂

Alyssa Gioscia
Executive Coach, Fire Unleashed Coaching

Thank you Cynthia for helping me gain clarity on what I’m looking for in my closet and what lights me up! Your insights and feedback on what pieces are flattering were so helpful; and now I understand why some pieces resonated with me more than others. I feel more confident with what is staying in my closet and happy to bless and release those that aren’t.

Maggie Lozoya
Life Coach, Life Mastery With Maggie


Knowledgeable. Gifted. Supportive. Personal stylist Cynthia Hidalgo knows her product well and delivers a personalized, caring approach to customers. Her low-key, sensitive manner makes your shopping experience pleasurable. Cynthia truly cares about your satisfaction as a client. Whether you are looking for items to update or fill out your wardrobe, or simply need a specific outfit for an upcoming event, Cynthia will help you choose garments that are a match with your body type, skin tone and personal clothing preferences.  Cynthia has a knack for knowing what clothing styles and colors will complement you.


Working with Cynthia taught me so much about myself from a completely different perspective. She helped me understand that fashion and creating a kick ass wardrobe are not frivolous, but are key components of self care. I learned that finding, developing and creating a personal style that aligns with my authentic self and personality has really amped up my confidence, self image and mindset.  Who knew that fashion and personal development are very closely connected? I do now, thanks to Cynthia and her loving, supportive and amazing guidance.

Pati Diaz
Blue Moon Manifestation

Without a doubt, Cynthia has shaped and developed my style. She is always honest with me, and makes suggestions for pieces to experiment with that I would never have the courage to try if left to my own devices. A peek in my closet will show in an instant the impact of Cynthia’s empowering and creative power of suggestion; much of what I own was selected in collaboration with her, and almost everything I wear regularly bears her stamp of approval.

Cynthia understands the value of feeling good in what you wear and showing your bolder side to the outside world. When I need to amp things up for a presentation at work, find a dress for a special event, or just want to read in the backyard in simultaneous comfort and style, the clothes that Cynthia has helped me find are my greatest tools.

Lynn Elias
Assistant Principal

Cynthia worked with me to discover my personal style! Her coaching style made me feel very comfortable sharing about my personal issues with my body. She helped me discover how to dress to impress with the body I’m in!

Before working with Cynthia I was struggling with finding anything to wear on a daily basis. I had so many clothes that were outdated, didn’t fit or I was holding onto for sentimental reasons. Now, I have a closet that I can walk into and find clothes that fit and that make me feel confident! I highly recommend Cynthia Hidalgo!

Jamie Gates
Business Coach, Badass Boss Babe Club


Cynthia was absolutely fantastic to work with.  She went above and beyond in all aspects of our time together, from the closet clean out to the shopping and style creation.  I whole heartedly recommend her services!


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