Official Rules
No Purchase Necessary

1. No cheating allowed in any way, shape or form. Cheaters will automatically be disqualified
from the contest and the garments they are wearing will be confiscated, cleaned & pressed. If the cheater wants their garments returned, they will have to pay $2,000 dollars to BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry.

2. Contest begins immediately and entries will be received until Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 4:59 pm (PST).

3. Only one entry per human person will be allowed. Multiple entries will result in disqualification. (See rule No. 1 above)

4. Winners must live or work in Pasadena, California (or surrounding communities such as Altadena, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, San Gabriel, San Marino, South Pasadena, La Canada, etc.)

5. First place will receive an $83 BRYAN’S gift card in honor of our 83rd birthday in 2O21, plus their choice of a Netflix gift card, Redbox gift certificate or tickets to a local movie theater, (is going to the movies still a thing after a pandemic?)

Second place will receive a $100 BRYAN’S gift card.

Third place will receive a $75 BRYAN’S gift card

Fourth place will receive a $50 BRYAN’S gift card.

Fifth place will receive a $25 BRYAN’S gift card.

Sixth place and lower are guaranteed to receive absolutely nothing but BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry
reserves the right to hand out participation prizes just for showing up and trying.

6. Please like our Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same.