Bryan's Cleaners Earth-Safe CleaningTo Our Children’s Children

What does that mean to you?

To some it will be an old Moody Blues Album title.
To others it is the legacy that we pass down through generations.

At BRYAN’S it is what we don’t pass down that counts.
We have instituted a new poly garment bag.
You may have noticed it.
It is all GREEN.

This poly bag that covers your freshly cleaned and pressed garments is bio-degradable and/or fully recyclable.
It can be put in with the regular waste where it will break down in the landfill. You can throw it in your recycler at home or you can return it to any BRYAN’S location or Valet for processing.

These bags are twice as expensive as other cleaner’s bags but we think You our customer are worth it. We think our environment is worth it.

Most of all we think our children are worth it.

So some times it is what you DON’T give your Children that really counts.


Scott Bell
Bryan’s Cleaners

I’d love to hear from you scottbell@bryanscleaners.com

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