American Flag Cleaned for FREE

Only the finest care for your U.S. American Flag

At BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry, we love it when our neighbors proudly fly their American flags. That’s why we’re happy to clean them free of charge—and that’s true every day we’re open. Large or small, if it has stars and stripes, we’ll provide a complimentary cleaning!

Stop by today for your complimentary American flag cleaning!

At BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry, you can trust our dry cleaning experts to care for your American flag. We will return it to you in pristine condition, ready to be flown proudly. We’re also your resource for professional dry cleaning of all your other flags. Although we do charge a fee to clean different types of flags, our team will use the same care and precision!

To learn more about our free American flag dry cleaning service, contact BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry at (626) 796-4335.

Why dry clean Old Glory?

Soiling and discoloration of the American flag can occur from airborne pollutants, dirt, dust, and smoke. Regardless of the flag’s material (nylon, polyester, cotton, or wool), we recommend dry cleaning to preserve your flag’s shape, color, and beauty. It is also the safest method for cleaning that maintains respect for all the flag stands for—patriotism, freedom, and American exceptionalism.

• Hang outdoor flags with plenty of clearance from buildings, trees, wires, etc.
• Do not fly your flag in snow, heavy rain, or high winds.
• When wet, always lay flat to air dry.
• Never fold or roll a wet flag.
• If you don’t have the space to store your flag flat, loosely roll it and keep it in a mailing tube.
• Proper storage temperatures are those that are comfortable for living conditions.

Proudly fly your U.S. American flag!

At BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry, we are big supporters of patriotism, and we love to see our neighbors fly their U.S. American flag with respect and pride.