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People love Bryan’s Cleaners and we hope you do, too. Here are some reviews we’ve received on Social Media.

“This is not your ordinary, run-of-the-house dry cleaning facility. I use to think it didn’t matter where I took my clothes, as long as they come out looking fresh. Guess what… you won’t know what “fresh” looks like until you try them. At first you think there isn’t much difference, but the second you put on your shirt/dress/pants cleaned by then, you’ll totally notice a difference. Not sure what kind of magic they do back there, but it’s gotta be a family secret because no other dry-cleaner can do the quality of work that they do!”

Wende L.

“Bryan’s Cleaners is very convenient if you need your clothes delivered or picked up, although I like that service I brought in my clothes as there conveniently located near me. As a first time customer I received a credit towards my first dry cleaning, which I thought was pretty awesome, and on top of that my birthday was around the corner, so I received an additional credit! The next best thing is you have a online account and they just charge it to your card. Overall I think Bryan’s cleaners provides very convenient service for the busy professional and mom!!”

Krystal R.

BEST cleaners in Pasadena! I tried French laundry– disaster AND expensive. Then tried Fashion Cleaners on Lake– awful and more expensive than French laundry. Then I tried Bryan’s. Fabulous! They got stains out that have been set in for years. My clothes look great! AND at a much lower price. Great laundry at reasonable prices. Who can beat it?!”

Deb R.

I have been using Bryan’s Cleaners since I moved to Pasadena over 10 years ago.  Great service and reliable, professional cleaning of my clothes.  They even handle the little things for free, such as missing buttons.  Shirts come out crisp and clean and the main thing for me, is that my clothes don’t have that chemical smell since they use environmental friendly products.  Definitely a fan of this long time Pasadena establishment. I think they’ve been around since the 1930’s.

Ryan G.

Bryan’s cleaners is a well run shop. My clothes come back as ordered every time. They may not be the cheapest guys in town but this is one of those cases where you definitely get you pay for. I want to personally thank Dale and John for their service and partnership with LA Financial Credit Union. They keep us looking sharp. Cheers!


I’ve had home delivery for about the last ten years. Their service is Fantastic. I read other reviews saying that they are expensive. I don’t think they are the cheapest place in town, but not the most expensive either.

What other cleaner picks up and delivers, AND sews buttons back on and repair hems and seams, at no cost?  You get a little note attached to the garment that says something like, “we repaired your hem at no charge, thanks for being our customer”.

I have had to pick stuff up early and have rush jobs. Never a problem.

Bryan’s is tops in my book.

Lisa L.

Been going here for years now. What I like is they offer delivery service. I’ve only used it once, but it’s nice to know if I am feeling lazy, someone will pick it up from my house and drop it off!

I’ve only had one disappointing alteration – hem came undone. Other than that, no complaints. My husband recently brought in some shorts to be repaired. They did the repair as well as a few other small repairs and they washed/pressed for free! Friendly staff. If you have clothes, purses with zippers that get stuck, they have free wax crayons in a box by the door. They work well!

Small parking lot, but there’s also street parking in front of the store and on the side.

Clarissa C.

Been using them for years and have never had anything but great service. Even the delivery guys are cool. Many thanks to the team there! If you’re looking for a dry cleaner that does a great job, doesn’t ruin your clothes, and delivers….look no further!



SIMPLY THE BEST! Clothing comes back just like new EVERY TIME ! Expensive ? yes, and worth it ! My family has been using them since I was born & swears by them, In Pasadena if you need a good dry cleaner, look no further.

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