A Pasadena tradition since 1938, BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry has established itself as the west San Gabriel Valley’s foremost and premier garment care specialists by providing FREE pick-up and delivery to the home or office, automatic billing, excellent service and fine quality accompanied by fair prices.

BRYAN’S is a large and respectable dry cleaning and laundry establishment with three locations in the greater Pasadena area. BRYAN’S operates its own facilities with the most state-of-the-art equipment and employs dedicated experts who take pride in every step of the cleaning process. Dry cleaning operators from around the world visit BRYAN’S to learn why BRYAN’S is one of the industry’s finest fabric care specialists.

Garments are cared for at BRYAN’S own plant. Resulting from its large size and immense volume, BRYAN’S is able to extensively micro-sort to specific garment types and for individual fabric type, color design and weight to maximize care and cleaning effectiveness. After being cleaned in the most advanced equipment, each garment is re-inspected, further processed if necessary, then brought back to its original condition. Garments are finished in state-of-the-art finishing forms and hand finished by dedicated craftspeople who take pride in the quality finishing of every garment.

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